Veggies prove a costly crunch

Veggies prove a costly crunch

Heavy rains and additional demand from customers fuel price rise

Out Of Reach: Customers were seen haggling with the shopkeepers, as the prices of vegetables shot through the roof in Bangalore on Saturday. DH photo

Heavy rain destroyed the products in areas from where they are bought into the city besides an additional demand from customers, are said to be the reason for the spiralling prices. The price of beans has rose from Rs 24 a kg three days ago to Rs 36 per kilo on Saturday. The increase by 50% received alarming responses from shoppers.

The price of double beans has increased by 71%, informs a staffer at an outlet. “From Rs 35 three days ago, it is Rs 60 today,” he points out. Juicy carrots too refuse to be left behind in the higher-priced list, with a kilogram priced at Rs 40 presently, an increase by 25%. The prices of many other vegetables though seem to be more or less stable.

While price of oranges have actually gone down, apple continues to head skyward with a kilo priced at Rs 103 earlier touching Rs 120 on Friday.
Hopcoms President Munne Gowda blames the high costs on heavy rains in procurement areas. “We bring much of our produce from Yelahanka, Devanahalli, Dodaballapur, Hosakote, Kanakapura, Magadi and Channapatna. The heavy rains in these places a couple of days ago have destroyed vast quantities of the produce,” the president added.

As the quantity of good vegetables available is less, there is a demand for them making them pricier. The prices will come down within ten days, he observed. Fruits are procured from other States and they have not shown any major surge in prices, he added.

Costs high on Friday
Customers were noticed haggling with the shopkeeper at the time of payment. Director (Programming) at Radio One, Anil, who was buying groceries at the outlet at Rest House Road, equates the vegetable market to the stock market now. Conceding that costs were quite high on Friday, he said, “I buy vegetables and fruits at this outlet once every two days. My bill is usually Rs 80 and it is Rs 111 today though I have not bought anything extra.” However, there is no way one can cut down on these essential items, he adds. “I will make up for it by cutting down on outings,” Anil adds.