Jolie causes split between Depp, Paradis: report

Jolie causes split between Depp, Paradis: report

Vanessa Paradis reportedly split from Johnny Depp because she is convinced the actor cheated on her with Angelina Jolie.

Rumors have it that the French singer has ended her relationship with Depp and new reports have emerged that the actor's 'The Tourist' co-star caused the rift, reported TNT magazine quoting The Enquirer.

"It's no coincidence that things began to unravel for Johnny and Vanessa when he started working with Angelina. "Vanessa was absolutely convinced that Johnny slept with Angelina, and her jealousy and suspicions ended up destroying them," said a source.

Apparently the two had "obvious" off-screen chemistry and were constantly hanging out and giggling together like teenagers. It had been alleged that Vanessa and Depp, who have two children together, Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, nine, have been "living separate lives" for some time.

But, recently, on a French chat show, after Paradis's rambled response to questions about the split, a presenter asked her, "Why don't you respond to the rumour and put an end to it? Is the rumour false?"

Paradis replied: "Yes it's false - of course it's false."