Sex video and a lie...

Sex video and a lie...

Is Co-operation Minister Lakshman Savadi lying about the allegedly obscene video clipping he was watching on the mobile phone during the Assembly session on Tuesday?

Savadi, reportedly caught on camera in action, however, claimed at a press conference later at his residence in Bangalore that he was only watching a clipping of a rave party to know how such events were celebrated.

But Savadi’s claim could be just plain lie aimed at misleading the media and the people, because, the video clipping Savadi was shown as watching in the Assembly is a sleaze bit involving a stripteaser, and shot in a room in a house.

The clipping called ‘Abik’ is a 3GPP Movie Importer File. The 4-minute-12-second clipping shows a woman aged around 30-35, wearing a black saree and blouse and a black lingerie.

The clipping opens with the saree-clad woman, apparently a stripteaser, with a hefty built standing in front of the camera. She starts dancing and the pace picks up slowly. After sometime, she removes her saree, the blouse and all the inner wear.

Interestingly, the video clipping has been in circulation on mobile phones in the twin cities for a few months now.

“What Mr Savadi wanted to learn from this sleaze movie only god knows. Watching such obscene clippings not only spoil the sanctity of the Assembly, but also betray the voters who elected Mr Savadi,” said a Congress leader.