Getting ready to spread romance

Getting ready to spread romance


Cupids is dancing round the corner and red hearts are dangling at almost every street to mark Valentine’s Day that falls on February 14. Metrolife finds out how youngsters in the City are preparing to welcome this day.

All about love : A couple celebrate.

Research manager Jyoti Kheterpal has planned a trip to Kerala with her husband. She says, “We recently completed 14 years of being together and to celebrate the same, we have planned a trip to Kerala. However, the surprise is that I have planned to give 14 cards to my husband on Valentine’s Day.”

Sumit Gupta, who got married last year is planning to take his wife Pooja for a movie. He says, “Last year when I was a bachelor, I saw many couples enjoying themselves at cinema halls. So, this time I have planned to take my wife for Ek Mai Aur Ek Tu. But the surprise is that I am going to a cinema hall where there is a special cupid corner and a tarot card reader.”

And the surprise list has become more innovative among youngsters. Ruhi Malhotra, BPO executive says, “My boyfriend is taking me out this time and to make it more special I have bought heart-shaped contact lenses to surprise him. I was so happy to find these unusual lenses as they go well with the occasion.”

Even those in long distance relationship are not left behind. Take for instance Priyanka Gupta, a corporate communications manager, who has plans to courier a special Valentine’s Day gift to her boyfriend. She says, “My boyfriend is in the army and is usually stationed outside Delhi. But this doesn’t kill the V Day spirit as I am sending him a bed sheet with Jim Morrison’s picture as he is a great fan of the singing star.”

Some have even gone to the extent of undergoing a cosmetic surgery to look every bit appealing for their loved one. Sahil Khillan who works with a multinational company says, “I was very conscious of my looks as I had wrinkles under my eyes so I got botox treatment. Now I am sure I will have a hot date with me. The treatment has helped me and is worth every penny.”

Talking about the rising trend in opting for cosmetic surgery before Valentine’s Day, dermatologist Chiranjeev Chabbra says, “There is a 50 per cent rise in those seeking cosmetic surgery before Valentine’s Day. Out of this 70 per cent are girls and 30 per cent are boys.”