From cafes to taverns

From cafes to taverns


The next time you hit a cafe for a cup of steaming cappuccino, don’t be surprised if the waiter slips in a wine menu along with the expected caffeine one.

More choice : Bangaloreans can now order a glass of wine along with their coffee.

It is true that cafes in town are doubling up as wine taverns for those who wish to have their cup and drink it too, literally! 

Cafe Noir, a French cafe located at UB City, was among the first few to go the wine way.

To add to the delectable French patisserie menu was a range of homemade wines, served by the glass with prices that would match up to those at any of the
neighbouring pubs and restaurants.

Amongst the others serving homemade wine was the quaint Parsi diner in Indiranagar, Daddy’s Deli.

The trend however, did not stop with homemade varieties alone.

Cafe Pascucci in Indiranagar and Urban Solace in Ulsoor went on to associating with a brand and serving varieties of it in the cafe space.

They also sport branding by the liquor brand at the entrance, so you know what is coming your way when you head there.

According to Sameera Sharma (name changed), who is a regular at one of the above mentioned cafes and is often spotted with a glass of wine, it is a great idea.

“Some of these cafes serve delicious food and to be able to pair it with some wine is a great idea,” she says.

“I don’t mind pubs and bars, but if I am looking at spending some time at a place where I can talk to my friends, I’d prefer a cafe, especially one that serves wine,” adds Sameera.

While the cafes do seem to work as an add on to the number of places one could hit for a drink, there aren’t many who would replace the regular pub visit with one to a nearby cafe.

“I don’t like the idea. I don’t go to a cafe for a drink but for some coffee and a bite. If I am looking to have a drink, I would head to a pub. Even the atmosphere doesn’t fit somehow,” says Shakir Meah Mohaseen, a software engineer.

There are other concerns though that keep some away from giving into wine lunches at cafes and heading instead to their fine dining counterparts.

“People go to coffee shops for coffee. Besides, there are kids who go there and that doesn’t make me very comfortable.

I am not certain if there are strict age restrictions followed at the cafes when serving drinks. College students might take this as an opportunity,” says
Tony Verghese, an IT professional.

“I’d go to a pub for a drink or to a fine dining restaurant if it is food I want to pair some wine with,” he adds.