Calamities are part of cosmic drama

Calamities are part of cosmic drama

Most of us learn early that calamities can happen any time. I was about three when I noticed this. My father was struck down by illness; and this necessitated my mother having to seek employment.

My loving grandmother became my care giver; but I was miserable without my mother’s full-time presence.

Sai Baba said, “Suffering and misery are the inescapable acts of the cosmic drama. God does not decree these calamities, but man invites them by way of retribution for his own evil deeds.  This is corrective punishment which induces mankind to give up the wrong path and return to the right path so that he may experience the Godlike condition of Sat-Chit-Ananda—that is, an existence of Wisdom and Bliss…”

Today, snared in the “world-wide web” we are instantly aware of catastrophes.  When asked how these calamities will end, Sai said, “To the good. In a few years, all will be peaceful….  It is not as bad now as it was. It is like in the ocean. There is a time of high waves, and there may be some peak waves that crash heavily on the shore, but this is followed by a calm and peaceful sea….  There may be some peak waves, as I mentioned, but the world will be happy, peaceful and prosperous….  No world war….  All will be love—love, love, love everywhere.”

People have asked why Sai Baba doesn’t help humanity by controlling natural forces and preventing calamities.

He has answered, “This is precisely what I am doing by incarnating the indwelling God in man to overcome such calamities. There are two ways in which an Avatar can help people: an instant solution as against a long-term one. 

Any instant solution would go against the fundamental quality of nature itself as well as the Karmic law of cause and effect.  Most people live in the material world of their desires and egos which is governed by this law. They reap the fruits of their actions.”

When Baba became my spiritual teacher, I learned how catastrophes can benefit us. 

He once explained to a questioner why he did not rectify distressing situations immediately. 

He said, “The other and more effective alternative presents a long-term solution whereby the Avatar leads the people themselves to a higher level of consciousness to enable them to understand the truth of spiritual laws so that they may turn towards righteousness and work for better conditions. 

“ This will relate them back to nature and the Karmic law of causation. They would then transcend the cycle of cause and effect,  and thereby command and control the natural forces to be able to avert the calamities you mention.”