Posh area has bad roads

Posh area has bad roads

Residents have to put up with choked drains and mosquito menace

Relief: Repair works in progress on Vittal Mallya Road.

The downpour virtually washed away the tar road and the worst affected were the residents of D’Souza Layout where the water stagnated for nearly two feet damaging many cars.

“The road is not at all motorable, the stormwater drain is choked, dust rules here and we are facing the never-seen-before mosquito menace here for the past few years,” rued a resident, Purushottam Jain.

The Vittal Mallya road was named after Vijay Mallya’s father on a condition that he had to take care of all civic problems on that stretch. The BBMP got rid of its responsibility by imposing such a condition. Mallya’s UB Group has now been reportedly allowed by the BBMP to beautify and renovate the road. But until the work starts, the residents will have to struggle for the basic amenities. The worst part is that the major stormwater drain in the area is completely choked and alleged to be encroached at the Old Tiffani’s junction.

“Due to the blockage of the major storm water drain, a two centimetre rain in Bangalore is enough to flood the entire area,” said Ranjit Jacob of Walton Road. There has been no civic work on Walton Road for the last 20 years. The entire road is muddy and pathetic, despite celebrities and several retired defence officers and bureaucrats living there.

Due to pressure from residents, the BWSSB undertook the repair work and laid some new but narrow underground sewerage lines, alleged the residents. These pipes only added to their woes. Once the BWSSB finished with laying the new sewerage line, no one turned up to repair the damaged road.

On Saturday, the residents decided to stage a stir but interestingly the BBMP authorities declared on Friday that they would carry out the work soon. Some work is in progress, but the residents claim that it is at a slow pace.