No info on who involved in Delhi, Georgia attack: White House

No info on who involved in Delhi, Georgia attack: White House

No info on who involved in Delhi, Georgia attack: White House

The US has no information yet on who were involved in the bombing on Israeli diplomats vehicle in New Delhi and attempted attack on Israeli diplomatic personnel in Georgia, the White House has said.

"We have no information yet on who is responsible for these attacks, so we are still evaluating what happened," Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary told reporters.

White House statement came after Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had alleged that Iran was behind these attacks.

Iran is behind these attacks; it is the largest exporter of terrorism in the world, Netanyahu had alleged.

"I don't have an assessment to give you of what Israeli government is saying. I simply can tell you that we have not made a judgment yet, because details are still emerging regarding what happened in both New Delhi and Tbilisi," Carney said when asked about the Israeli statement.

"We have no information yet to share with you about who was behind those attacks, but we're obviously working and discussing with the Israelis and others to ascertain exactly that," he said.

"We condemn in very strong terms the attempted attacks against Israeli targets in New Delhi and Tbilisi. These incidents underscore our ongoing concern regarding the recent targeting of Israeli interests overseas," Carney said adding that the US continues to examine the situation.

"Details are still emerging regarding those incidents," he said.

Earlier in the day, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US places a high priority on the safety and security of diplomatic personnel around the world.

"We stand ready to assist with any investigation of these cowardly actions," she said.

"I condemn in the strongest possible terms the bombing of an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in India and the attempted attack on Israeli Embassy personnel in Georgia. The scourge of terrorism is an affront to the entire international community," Clinton said.

Meanwhile, American Jewish Committee condemned attacks on Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia and said it is another ominous indication of how far terrorists, and their state sponsors, will take their war against Israel.

"The bombing in India, and attempted attack in Georgia, have the unmistakable fingerprints of Iran, and its terror proxy Hezbollah, which destroyed Israel's Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992, and, two years later, leveled the city's Jewish community center," said AJC executive director David Harris.

"Committed to never recognizing Israel’s legitimacy, Iran and Hezbollah will strike anywhere they can," added Harris, citing a recently foiled Hezbollah plot to attack the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as an Iranian plot to kill two rabbis and the Israeli ambassador in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Tali Yehoshua-Koren, wife of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, was injured when a bomb exploded their car. Another car bomb, found near the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi in Georgia, was neutralised safely.

"We pray for Yehoshua-Koren's speedy recovery, and we look to law-enforcement agencies in India and Georgia to speedily find and bring to justice those responsible," said Harris.

AJC's representative in India has been in close touch with the Israeli Embassy to express the agency’s concern and immediately contacted Indian authorities about the terrorist assault.