Value of time

Value of time

“Time is what we want the most, but what we use the worst’ goes a saying, and another says, ‘time flies, but remember, you are the navigator’.

The importance of how we must use our time is the emphasis on. In a tiny little minute, there is eternity in it…if one knows it.

Each one of us are under time pressure and are struck by what doctors call as ‘ hurry disease’, we feel miserable, frustrated because we don’t have time to spend quality time with our family, we lack time to pursue our personal interests and hobbies, we don’t find time to enjoy life in a relaxed way, because life can be fleeting, hurriedly running, if one doesn't understand the value of time.   “When as a child I laughed and wept, time crept/ when as a youth I dreamed and talked, time walked/ when I became a full-grown man, time ran/and later as old I grew, time flew, soon I shall find while traveling on, time is gone !”

For the young and frustrated people of today, the only way is  to focus on definite goals and dreams and leverage time to advance towards them- they will reach them. ‘Well arranged time is a mark of a well arranged mind’.

Know what you are looking for. As Phillip Stills says’ “You will always find what you are looking for-‘  In the high desert, the hawk circles, looking for decaying flesh, and he finds it. In the same sky, the humming bird is focused on the sweet nectar of brilliant flowers blossoming in the cactus, in the same desert- and she finds it.’ Focus on your definite tasks and you will find time to do them". One should learn to ‘spend time wisely; otherwise one will become ‘time bankrupt’.

Focus on your priorities. When your life has a sense of order, a sense of purpose and balance and if you arrange your priorities, you will be able to allocate energy and time in right measure. Don’t invest your time without knowing ‘why’. Your reason must be clear to you. You need to know what you want and then invest your time. You can become anything you want to be and you can do anything you want to, all that is required is,  to know the value of time. Many people spend so much time and effort without any constructive activity, in baseless dreams and unrealistic aspirations. To manage time efficiently, “one must have an open mind, because like a parachute, mind works if it is open, open to ideas, possibilities, perseverance, motivation etc.” Then you can learn to manage your time efficiently.

One Time Management expert explained how we can add a month to our year. If you set your alarm to wake you up a half-hour earlier, six days a week, you’d gain an extra three hours a week- three hours which you could use to read, to exercise or spend with your family. If you do that fifty two weeks a year, you would add 136 productive hours to your year- the equivalent of adding almost a month to your year. To do any work, if you wait until you have time, you will be waiting forever. You will never have time – one must ‘make’ time…