Tickling the funny bone

Tickling the funny bone

Fundraiser event

Tickling the funny bone

It was a night of colour, food, donations and poetry for the Rajasthan Sangh in Karnataka.
The Palace Grounds witnessed people from different walks of life coming under one roof at the fundraiser for the provision of free hearse van services for the underprivileged.

Dressed in colourful sequinned traditional sarees, the women along with their children came to not only seek blessings of Guruvananda Swamy but also to enjoy an evening of poetry.
People started coming to the venue for the Hasya Kavi Samelan, hours before the programme began so that they could find the best seat to get a perfect angle.

Ramesh Mehta, president of Rajasthan Sangh, Karnataka, said that it was expected as the evening would see popular poets like Hariom Pawar, Praveen Shukla, Sunil Jogi, Aashish, Sardar Manjeeth Singh and Balvanth Ballu reciting their works. “All of them are so reputed in the field of poetry. It is said that once they start no one in the audience would budge from their seat till they stop. That is the kind of energy and magic they bring to the programme,” added Ramesh Mehta.

With limericks and poems about the youth, politics and the society, the evening turned out to be all that people had expected.

Importance was also given to the food served at the venue.

While many indulged in the traditional Rajasthani food served at the counters, there was also vegetarian Punjabi food served to give variety to those who wanted something else.
The evening also saw dignitaries like Hemanth Shah, President of JITO Apex; Shantilal Kawad, General Secretary, JITO Apex; DG and IG Ajay Kumar Singh and Maharani Meenakshi Devi supporting the cause.