Karnataka HC orders issue of notice to ISKCON Mumbai

Karnataka HC orders issue of notice to ISKCON Mumbai

 Karnataka High Court today ordered issue of notice to ISKCON Mumbai on an interim petition filed by President of ISKCON Bangalore Madhu Pandit Dasa seeking expunction of his name and others from the high court verdict on ISKCON title row last year.

A division bench headed by Justice Nagamohan Das ordered issue of notice when the petition came up for hearing.

In the petition, Dasa prayed that his name and those of three others from ISKCON Bangalore be expunged from the High Court verdict given on title row between ISKCON Bangalore and ISKCON Mumbai on May 23 last year as they were not parties in the proceedings on which the verdict was pronounced.

On May 23, 2011, the court ruled that Sri Radha Krishan Chandra Mandir in Bangalore, which had originally been an ISKCON temple but had been run by a breakaway group since soon after its construction in 1997, is officially the property of ISKCON, registered in Mumbai.

The history of the Bangalore community goes back to 1978, when ISKCON first began spreading Krishna consciousness there. From this beginning until now, ISKCON Bangalore has legally been a part of ISKCON registered at Mumbai, which is within the international framework of ISKCON under the ultimate managing authority of the GBC Body.

A permanent presence was established in Bangalore in 1981. In 1984, Madhu-Pandit Das, now head of the breakaway group, became temple President.