Design innovation workshop in New Delhi

Design innovation workshop in New Delhi

Apeejay Stya University has joined hands with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Media Lab (MIT Media Lab) to host the ‘Design Innovation Workshop’ from March 26- 30, 2012 in New Delhi at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai.

‘Design Innovation India Workshop’ aims to engage and inspire students across all disciplines — right from pre-primary to tertiary-level inventions and motivating design driven innovation in the Indian education system. The workshop will further strengthen India’s presence on the design world map through this international conference-cum-workshop.

The workshop will provide a training platform to students on principals of design and techniques for innovation and empower them to build their ideas in a short time frame. It offers participants and attendees a flavour of how the Media Lab promotes innovation and invents the future.

The five-day workshop will comprise brainstorming sessions, conferences, talks, tutorials and an exhibition that will be open to visitors from academia, industry leaders and the media. To be anchored by leading MIT researchers, the five tracks (themes) of the workshop include:

Technologies for creativity and learning: This theme will explore the design of innovative educational technologies and creative learning environments by drawing on specific case studies. Engage with new educational technologies, share learnings and discuss strategies to design new-age academic models.

Mobility, energy and housing innovations: Think about mobility, energy and housing innovations like lightweight electric vehicles, smart grid technologies, transformable housing, persuasive interfaces for energy conversation and incentives to encourage the use of more energy efficient mobility systems.

Imaging on steroids: Exploit the potential of cameras placed in cell-phones, cars, houses perhaps our bodies, to best capture and display visual information. Explore technology, single shot in 3D capture, post-capture refocusing of photographs, glasses-free 3D displays, collaborative imaging and much more!

Living mobile: Gear up to design and build prototypes of new applications for a living mobile. Play around with large-scale and small-scale mobility around the house or office for using cellphones to augment social situations of all kind.

Design for sustainability: Revisit the concept of sustainability with focused action plans to advance sustainable product and services design in diverse fields ranging from governance to education. Learn through relevant examples and case studies to design practical solutions to tackle this challenge.

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