This school in Malur works on being clean and green

This school in Malur works on being clean and green


The greenery and cleanliness welcomes you in the premises of Nambiganahalli Government Lower Primary School in Malur. The students neatly dressed in uniforms including ties and belts draw the attention of the visitor. This government school is a match for any private school.

Students and teachers of Nambiganahalli Government Lower Primary School

This school in Kasaba hobli of Hungenahalli cluster is a model to those parents who look down upon government schools.

Ever since its establishment in 1959, this school was deprived of basic facilities for 42 years. However, in 2002 after Venkataramanappa came here as headmaster things have changed. The school has made great progress with the efforts of the headmaster jointly with the support of School Development Monitoring Committee (SDMC) and villagers. Every day after 3 pm, students learn English.

There are 31 students from standard I to V. The classes are held in two classrooms. New teaching methods have been adopted. There is a spacious kitchen. A water filter has been installed to provide clean drinking water to the children. Different varieties of plants have been planted. The vegetables needed for the mid-day meals are grown in the school garden. The school has adopted rainwater harvesting and to save power a hand-pump has been installed to pump water.

In 2010-11 the school received the “Nairmalya Prashasthi” (sanitation awards) along with a cash amount of Rs 50,000. This amount was used to erect a permanent roof for shelter in front of the school providing shade for the students during the mid-day meals.

In 2008-09 the school was ranked first in the taluk in the assessment conducted by the Karnataka School Quality Assessment Organisation and was presented with a cash of Rs 4.5 thousand. In 2009-10 it took the first place in the exhibition of learning aids. This year the headmaster Venkataramanappa has been selected for the best teacher award.

“I came from a poor family and studied while living in my benefactor’s house. Now as a teacher I want to serve sincerely and live up to my father’s expectation”, says Venkataramanappa.