Hunger strike over DU student's mystery death

Hunger strike over DU student's mystery death

 Five undergraduate linguistics students of Delhi University  have been on indefinite hunger strike since Thursday alleging neither the DU administration nor the police is giving clear information about the death of their senior and guest lecturer of German language at a North Campus college.

According to the students protesting under the Vivekananda Statue at Faculty of Arts, North Campus, Sumit Kumar an MPhil student of Department of Germanic and Romance studies, who hails from Haryana, went missing few months back. Police found Kumar’s body hanging from a tree near Bonta park, in the Ridge area of the campus.

“He went missing three months back. We found out about his death from our librarian three days ago. She said that we talk about idealism and justice but nobody is bothered about Kumar’s death,” said a BA Spanish language student.

The news travelled fast and over 150 students from the Department went to the Vice Chancellor’s office on Thursday demanding an investigation in the death. The students on Friday went to various north campus colleges to make students aware of the incident.

“The VC did not meet us, another official met us but he was unaware about such a case. The official called a police officer who said the investigation is going on, said Utsav Kumar, second year student of Spanish language.

“But when we asked him about the victim’s age and name, the police official was clueless. One student of the University is dead under mysterious circumstances and the administration does not know anything about it. How can we feel safe here?,” he added.

The Head of the Department of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies refused to comment.

Kumar was also a guest lecturer at Shri Guru Teg Bahadur, (SGTB) Khalsa College. A senior official of the college said since he was appointed through the University, a written message was sent to the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies.
“We even called up his parents and informed them,” said the DU official.

Need investigation
The students allege it is a murder and a thorough investigation is required.
“The HOD also knew about his death. But nobody told us anything. There is something more to his death. He joined Khalsa college just few months back. He was happy that he had a job.

“We found out his body has rope marks. A rope must have been used to tie his hands and hang him from the tree. But nothing is clear, we want to know how and why our friend died,” said a friend of Kumar who used to stay with him at postgraduate men’s hostel.

The warden of the hostel could not be contacted after repeated attempts. A senior DU official said the matter is under investigation.

According to a Delhi police official, Kumar went missing on December 21, 2011. “His mobile phone and other belongings were lying in his room. A report was filed at Maurice Nagar police station but nothing concrete could be found even after two months of search. Some 10 days ago police officials from Civil Lines police station found Kumar's rotten body in the park,” said a police official.
Police is investigating the matter.