Hussey lucky to escape unscathed : Dhoni

Hussey lucky to escape unscathed : Dhoni

Indian skipper makes his displeasure at contentious umpiring decisions obvious

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni said on Sunday that Australian batsman David Hussey was lucky not to be given out after he stopped a throw from Suresh Raina at cover.

push comes to shove David Hussey puts his right hand out to block the ball thrown by Suresh Raina. reuters

“Plain and simple, that was out,” Dhoni told reporters. Then he explained the rationale behind his words.

“I am happy if you are protecting yourself, that is hands close to the body. But if you are protecting yourself by stretching your hand further, then it is not good.
“I was involved in another run-out in Pakistan, where Inzi bhai (Inzamam-ul-Haq) defended a ball that was right on his face (incidentally that throw was also made by Raina), and he was given out. In this case, David was really lucky. The umpires thought he was defending or saving himself. I think he should have been given out, but it is not in my hands,” Dhoni said.

He drew a parallel from football to further vindicate his view. “It’s tough to judge. But to take an example from soccer where your hands are popping out and it hits your hand, you get a penalty irrespective of what’s happening. So, that’s why I said, plain and simple, if you look at it, it was out.”

Stand-in Australian skipper Shane Watson expectedly said, “I have absolute faith in Taufel and Bowden, as they are the best umpires in the world.”

The other point of debate came when Brett Lee stood between Sachin Tendulkar and the safety of the crease as David Warner’s throw from point rattled the stumps.
Dhoni said the Little Master was disappointed at the turn of events. “He was a bit disappointed with the bowler standing in his way.” The Indian skipper then went on to elaborate a slight contradiction in the decision of the umpires when R Vinay Kumar was involved in a somewhat similar incident at Brisbane against Australia, and also said Lee’s move couldn’t be justified.

 “In Brisbane against Australia. Vinay was bowling and we had a slip but we didn't station a mid-wicket. The ball went to the point fielder (after the batsman played the shot), and Vinay crossed the wicket to back up the throw from point.
“The umpire came up to him and said you are not allowed to do that. But he was doing something that was well within the laws.

“I don’t think we can justify the fact that Lee was going towards the point fielder. I don’t think he had any business there.

“Then he stopped right in front of Sachin, which means he has to take a longer way around him. It was unjust on Sachin,” Dhoni said.