Less technicality, more fun

Less technicality, more fun

Tatva 2012

The annual technical fest of BNMIT college, Tatva 2012, proved to be a fun-filled and energetic event for the students. The two-day fest witnessed active student participation from different colleges.

Day one of Tatva 2012 was limited to the students of BNMIT, and included events such as ‘Mock Stock’, ‘Online Treasure Hunt’ as well as crosswords and puzzles.

The second day of the technical fest saw tremendous response from various engineering colleges in the City.

There were a few new events added to the fest this year to make it more exciting, rather than technical. The events included ‘Hogathon’, ‘Gaming’ and ‘Product Launch’.
‘Hogathon’ was a competition in which the participant had to eat as much as they could within a fixed time.

limit. This remained a crowd-pulling event throughout the day, as at least 600 students participated in the event.

Aaditya Shandilya of Jain College, who was excited to participate in ‘Hogathon’, said, “I like to eat. So, ‘Hogathon’ was on my priority list to participate in. ‘Tatva 2012’ is fun and I’m enjoying. I would definitely come next year to the fest.”

‘Hogathon’ consisted of three rounds. In the first, the participants had to gulp down as many ‘samosas’ as they could.

Then came round two, in which they had to eat watermelons. The third round had to be completed by eating tacos.

Ananya H K, a second-year computer science student of BNMIT college, said, “Participating in ‘Hogathon’ is fun. Initially I had problem gulping down even two samosas but as the crowd cheered for me, I was encouraged. I’ll participate in the event again next year.”

Another event which attracted participant was ‘Gaming’. Participants had to play games such as Counter Strike, Angry Birds and Need for Speed (NFS) and the event was crowded with young aspiring engineers. For the ‘Product Launch’ event, participants had to explain their product through Power Point presentations.

They had to face tough questions from the audience as well as judge Aashish Solanki, an alumnus of BNMIT, who now runs his own firm.

The judgment was done on the basis of innovation factor and feasibility of the product, unique marketing strategy and presentation skills.

‘Tatva 2012’ proved to be a fun-filled break for the students from their usual technical activities.