Souvenir shop a super hit

Souvenir shop a super hit

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The National Book Trust's souvenir shop at the World Book Fair is a hit among youth and children.

The shop has earned a revenue of Rs 18,000 on Monday and Rs 25,000 on Sunday. The shop has shelves full of mugs, T-shirts, badges, fridge magnets, book marks, and labels. The products range between Rs 20 and Rs 150.
 “We are trying to promote reading habits among the younger generation. They can take back any memories they gather from the fair. The products have writings like 'I love books', 'Bib-lio-profile' and 'Just Read' on them, among others. This is part of our branding process to ensure that NBT becomes popular among people in Delhi and people coming from other cities,” said Farida M Naik, joint director, NBT.

Naik added that the group is happy with the positive response and NBT has decided to include these shops at their offices in Delhi throughout the year. 

A workshop for children was organised on the third day of the fair by illustrator Atanu Rai at the children's pavilion. A delegation including Juhavirta and Salla Savolainen from Finland also visited the pavilion. More than 1,200 books for children in several Indian and foreign languages have been displayed at the children’s pavilion during this week. 

Moreover, Muzaffar Ali, renowned film-maker of the movie Umrao Jaan released the book Representation of Awadh Culture in Indian Cinema, authored by Muntazir Qaimi. Professor Imtiaz Ahmad of JNU was present.