The divine touch of the master

The divine touch of the master

There is a beautiful story about Ramakrishna Paramahansa. It was the first day of the year 1886 and the Master who was suffering from cancer of the throat was free from pain and suffering that day.

He appeared bright and cheerful. He came down for a walk and some devotees immediately went to pay their respects to him.

 Ramakrishna abruptly asked Girish Ghosh, the celebrated theater personality: "Well, Girish, you are going around and proclaiming to every body that I am an avatar! What is the wondrous stuff that you have noticed in me?"

Girish, who had by then become accustomed to the Master’s way of asking questions was unfazed by the directness of the question. He knelt down, folded his hands and said in a breaking voice: "My master, your glories are such that even Valmiki and Vyasa cannot  fully capture them - how then do you expect this ignorant idiot to explain them?"

Girish’s heartfelt reply unaccountably transported the Master into an exalted state. He said: "What more can I say? I bless you all! Be illumined!" All those who heard the words became emotionally turbulent. They were clearly in an ecstatic state.

Losing consciousness of their surroundings one by one they prostrated and touched the Master’s feet and applied the dust on to their heads. The Master touched their heads and blessed every single one of them. His touch had an electric effect. Some began laughing, some began crying and some went into deep meditation.

Some acquired a vision of their personal deities. Sri Ramakrishna gradually came to outer consciousness and returned to his room. Eventually they all understood that Sri Ramakrishna transmitted his Grace irrespective of whether they deserved it or not. It is said that soon after this incident, Sri Ramakrishna experienced a severe burning sensation all over his body. He asked for Ganges water and sprinkled it all over his body.

By doing so, the Master took upon himself the sins of those whom he had touched that day. Such is the inestimable value of the mere touch of a spiritual master! When you are in doubt about any challenge that you may have in your life and do not understand how to engage it, always seek help by approaching a self realized master. Counsel from them will be invariably perfect.

The Master always exhorted his devotees to live like a lotus in the world. Even while it thrives upon filthy water, it never allows the dirt that surrounds it to touch it or sully its fragrance. Engage the imperfection of the outer world by realizing the perfection of the inner world because you will never be tainted by the outer world.