Singapore's purpose built toy museum

The toy collection, which includes German and Chinese toys, and character toys such as Tintin, Popeye, Batman and Disney characters, is showcased in a contemporary five-storey building specially designed by one of Singapore’s leading architects who has won many international awards.
Officially called Mint
The museum, which is officially called Mint (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys), is located along Seah Street, facing the side entrance to the historic Raffles Hotel.

There are 50,000 toys on display, only 10 per cent of them are on show at any one time.
The display is rotated once every three months, thus offering something new and interesting for visitors each time.
The front and rear elevations of the museum building are designed to control the amount of natural light entering the exhibition spaces.
The mint-condition toy exhibits are sensitive to UV light, with prolonged exposure causing the exhibits to deteriorate and their colour to fade.

Facade made of glass
The solution to the problem was to design the museum facade with glass exposed on the edge. A series of 26 curved-edge glass panels placed on the edge and sandwiched between aluminium panels extend from the second storey to the roof of the building.
This allows a controlled amount of light into the exhibition spaces through the edge of the glass.
The curved-edge glass provides a crystalline facade that is simple yet dynamic as one passes in front of the building.
Entry into the museum is through a ramp overlooking a high-ceiling cafe in the basement whose menu is based on international cuisine.
A column-free space is created internally and a series of double and triple volume spaces are interlinked with a lift and stair core.
The rooftop is designed as an open terrace with views over the urban landscape. High above the street, it will be used for events and functions.

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