Rly minister's constituency has no facilities at the station

Rly minister's constituency has no facilities at the station

Train passengers complain of lack of sanitation and drinking water supply

Basic facilities including, drinking water and sanitation in the railway station in Malur, which is the constituency of Union Minister of State for Railways, K H Muniyappa.

The rails are stinking and sanitation is not maintained outside nor inside the rail compartments. Though rail service to Malur started more than a decade ago, the problems still persist.

Cramped space

More than 10 inter-state trains pass through the station, everyday. Still, the commuters from here do not even get place to stand. In general compartments at least 300 persons travel with difficulty.

Especially train service here has not done any good to children , women and elderly persons. Even getting into the train from this station is an adventure.

More than 10 thousand people from town and other villages of Malur, travel everyday in train. Leave alone seating facility, many do not even get place to stand.

No toilets

As many people use the toilets inside the train and there is lack of water, the whole compartment stinks. Commuters have to bear with a foul smell. This problem is very much evident in Jolarpet Express, Marikuppam and Bangalore Passenger.

Kanyakumari Express, Thirupathi Passenger, Kuppam Push-pull, Kolar Push-pull, Marikuppam Push-pull, Kakinada Express, Passenger Express, Arakonam Passenger, Chennai Express and Mysore Passenger is full everyday and commuters from Malur have to face difficulties to get in.

Though many memorandums have been submitted to the people’s representatives, requesting for additional general compartments, none have taken action.

Lone ticket counter

Everyday commuters stand in a queue from 3 am. By five in the morning there is a long queue. Thousands of people are seen rushing to get the ticket. There is a lone ticket counter and many people return without tickets as by the time they get tickets, the train would be moving. Adding to woes, there is not even a single water tap with drinking water. Toilet is also missing in the platform. Even if one tries and finds out a toilet nearby, it would be dirty and stinking.

Daily travellers have submitted memorandums, requesting to provide facilities including drinking water and additional ticket counter. But no action is taken yet.