Passengers laud safety; fare hike ruffles a few

Passengers laud safety; fare hike ruffles a few

Fare hike and other proposals presented in the railway budget, on Wednesday, evoked mixed response among Bangaloreans.

While many expressed dismay over hike in the fare, a majority of the passengers appreciated plans for better safety, hygiene and improved facilities in trains.

The introduction of the Chennai-Bangalore AC double decker has brought joy to Muralidharan, who travels from Coimbatore to Bangalore often.

“It is a good idea, as buying tickets from Chennai to Bangalore had become difficult off late,” he said.

Moreover, the provision of AC would suit passengers like him, who flew earlier, he added.

Striking a different note was Murugeshan who expressed dissatisfaction over hike in the fare. “The sudden rise in fare might not go down well with the people. The hike can only be justified if the facilities and safety measures in the trains are improved,” he added.

The railways decision to replace open discharge toilets with green toilets was appreciated by Anu Sen, who arrived from Chennai and alighted at the Cantonment Railway Station, on Wednesday. “It is a great initiative, as it would ensure hygienic surroundings both inside and outside the trains,” she added.

However, Ritika, who is in Bangalore on a vacation, seemed unruffled about hike in the fare, as for her safety comes first. As long as passengers travelling in the train feel safe, a nominal hike in the fare should not bother the people much, she said.

Differing from Ritika’s opinion was Dakshina Murthy, who said fare hike was only an added burden on people, who already have to shell out more for bus transportation and autos, whose fare has been hiked recently.

Lauding the rise in platform ticket from Rs 3 to Rs 5, that would keep unwanted elements off the platform, Mohammed Mustafa said he preferred a smaller hike instead of hike per kilometer.