One to wrap around

One to wrap around


Scarves aren’t accessories that belong exclusively to the past. Today, they have been revived as versatile accessories for both men and women.

trendy : Scarf display at a shop in Janpath.Fashion-conscious Delhiites have revamped this simple garment, and they are now available in a plethora of fabrics, colours, designs, sizes and styles. What’s more, scarves aren’t restricted to the winter – rather, they are in fashion all round the year.

The scarf is said to have originated in ancient Rome, where it was originally worn by men either around the neck or tied to the belt. History has it that Chinese warriors identified each other based on the fabric of the scarves they wore. No wonder Shah Rukh Khan was obsessed with ‘keffiyeh’ scarf sometime back!

Scarf-lovers are simply spoilt for choice; scarves are so versatile that they can be paired with virtually anything. Dr Akansha Tripathi, says she prefers to wear an understated silk scarf to work.

“Scarves made of silk stand out, and when teamed with the dress, or even a simple T-shirt, they can highlight the entire outfit,” she says.

‘Pure 1469 Punjabi’, a shop in Janpath, stocks innumerable varieties of silk scarves. Its owner, Harvinder Singh, says, “People prefer silk scarves these days and so we keep a lot of variety in terms of silk. At present, we have raw silk, ‘tussar’, ‘shibori’ and ‘ankur’, to name a few.”

During the summer, cotton scarves are in huge demand as they protect the skin from sunburn. Nalini Das, a marketing professional, always prefers to sport a cotton scarf in the heat.

“The skin gets burnt and the best way to protect it is to wear a scarf. Since it is trendy, it serves a dual purpose,” she says.

Colourful, patterned scarves also go a long way in lifting an outfit. Rajani Sharma, a corporate communication manager, is elated to have recently bought three patterned scarves.

“One is sky-blue and polka-dotted, second one is a Rajasthani bandhani pattern in maroon and the third is printed with tiger stripes,” Rajani gushes, adding “I have to wear formal clothes to office and often get bored of wearing similar dresses – so I team them with scarves to bring variations in my dressing style.”

Others add pep to their outfit by tying the scarf onto their bags or belts. Rajani says, “The best part about buying scarves is that they are a perennial investment. When in casuals, I wear them like a belt in my denims and they always look great.”
A literature student, Ekjot Bamra, goes a step ahead and knots the scarf on her shoulder like the Romans used to. “It is interesting to keep experimenting with scarves as they look chic in every season,” he says.

Men choose to flaunt scarves too. Abhishek Pandey, a professional, often sports a blue scarf that goes well with his blue denims. He says, “Scarves are not just a woman’s domain anymore and SRK proved it long time back. I wear a scarf whenever in casuals and my friends often compliment me for that.”