Major plane collision averted

Major plane collision averted

An alert Air Traffic Controller prevented a mishap at the city airport on Thursday by directing an incoming JetLite flight to stay airborne, as another Jet Group flight took a little longer than expected to clear the main runway.

The incident also delayed the departure of another JetLite flight from the city, a Jet Airways spokesperson said.

“At 1807 hrs, a JetLite flight from Nagpur was to land, but a Bhuj-Mumbai ATR from the Jet Group was still stationed on the main runway, forcing the ATC to ask the Mumbai-Nagpur flight to go around.

“This led to the ATC asking another Jet Group ATR, bound for Udaipur, to abort take off as it was on a very low speed,” the airline official said, adding the Nagpur flight landed on the main runway (no 27) at 1821 hrs safely.

The Udaipur flight, scheduled to take off at 1850 hrs, left after 55 minutes’ delay. A Mumbai airport official also confirmed the development.