Magic Box From the Garden

Magic Box From the Garden

The book Flowers and their Messages by the Mother says that this flower also known as Celosia Cristata, displays physical boldness! This gorgeous fat, floral beauty does not know the meaning of ‘impossible’ and seems to tell us that anything is possible, if we only work hard to get it!

It also signifies ‘abundant expression’ with its enormous beauty! It has much to say and says it fully! The golden orange Celosia Plumosa signifies joyful expression! The stunning velvet and crochet patterns of this tubby garden flower never fails to awe us. In the Lal Bagh flower show every person who saw it had to gasp using the word ‘velvet’ again and again!

Besides treating us to the magical cockscomb, every garden across the world has several useful tips to give us.

1. Did you know?
Melon leaves are extremely rich in calcium! If you add them to your garden soil, it will become healthier.

2. Lavender herbs will repel moths that attack woolen clothing and carpets. They are safer to use than mothballs which are harmful for health. Lavender is now available in the University of Agricultural Sciences. UAS, in their medicinal and herbal garden. Mothballs release a vapour that causes damage to the lungs and the nervous system.

3. In a park in Holland, roses were attacked by many pests. But instead of using chemical sprays, the Dutch Plant Protection Service decided to fight the pests with French Marigolds and planted them thickly around the roses. They found that the marigolds controlled the pests while rose beds denied marigolds still suffered from the pests. Marigolds are also grown around tomatoes which yield more fruit with marigolds than without them.

The strong scent of marigolds makes it a very good insect repellent.

4.  Bulgarian gardeners grow onions and garlic as intercrops with roses and have found that the roses grown with the garlic roses planted with garlic around them produce a stronger perfume in larger quantities than without. rose bushes fed with garlic and onion refuse also give good roses.