Bibi Russell wants next birth in weaver's home

Bibi Russell wants next birth in weaver's home

Model display designer clothes. AP

"My inspirations are the village people. Whenever I am in India, Cambodia or Africa I live with them. I only came to Dhaka five days before this fashion week. The first two days I did the music and in the remaining three days, we did stitching. This is a complete new collection," she told reporters after exhibiting her spring-summer collection.

Bibi used cotton, some tie-and-dye, some checks and silk and crochet work for her collection that included sarees, salwar kurtas, western wear and men's wear.
She picked the music to blend with the "shades of blue, purple and a little bit of lilac" that she used for her natural fabrics.
For a change, keeping western hip-hops and music aside, Bibi chose some old Bengali songs by Manna De, Shamol Mitra, Lalan Fakir and S.D. Burman, as also Bangladeshi artist Abdul Karim.

However, to mingle with the western wear she used one George Harrison number.
Referring to the Manna De song "Ebar mole shuto hobo, tantir ghore jonmo lobo (If I die this time, I will take birth in a weaver's place)", an overwhelmed Bibi said: "Manna De sang this song for me, I feel. I will take my next birth in a weaver's house."

She used lots of crochet work for her collection.
"I had a crochet line in my autumn-winter collection last year. It was a sold out line. I have some women doing crochet work for me. I think crochet is beautiful."
Talking about her next collection, Bibi said: "My next collection will be launched in Europe later this month. It will on similar lines (as was shown Thursday). Those will not be sarees. Those are lot of short dresses and trousers."
She is also thinking of using lots of batik work in her next collection.

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