Docs won't quit, says Sreeramulu

Docs won't quit, says Sreeramulu

KGMA contradicts Ministers claim

While the minister claimed that the meeting was fruitful, the association said they were not at all satisfied with the minister’s assurance.

Sreeramulu, speaking to press persons, after the meeting, said he had assured the association members that he would fulfil all their demands. “The representatives of KGMA are also satisfied with the assurance. They had never said that they would resign. The issue has been resolved,” he added.

But KGMA secretary Dr Srinivas had a completely different version to say. “We will continue with our decision to submit resignation. The association has already collected resignation letters of all doctors and submit the same on September 29, if our demands are not fulfiled by then,” he said.
The minister said regularisation of the services alone would cost an additional expense of Rs 167 crore annually. The matter would be discussed in the Cabinet. Regarding hike in pay scale, the government has set up a committee headed by additional chief secretary Vatsala Watsa. The committee would file its recommendations and the same would be discussed in the Cabinet, he said.

A representative of the KGMA said, “The doctors are not satisfied with the Ministers answers, the only good point was we were able to meet him personally after eight months.”