Magic of porcelain

Magic of porcelain

Skilled Art

At the launch of the second boutique of Lladro Art, Rosa Lladro, the president of Lladro Commercial, drew art connoisseurs from all over the City to get their unique pieces autographed.

Speaking about the sculptures, Rosa says, “Although there is so much of technology, the basic technique has not changed for decades. It’s a very painstaking and skilled work, crafting one flower petal takes about half an hour.” Perhaps that's why her favourite piece of all is the Flowers of the season depicting a young flower seller with a cart full of flowers.

Some of the most popular pieces of the brand are the Spirit of India collection, which contain figurines of Krishna, Ganesha and Lakshmi and even Gandhiji with his Charkha.
“We came to India, and spent two years in Brindavan, doing research on Krishna, to reproduce his near perfect image,” says Rosa.

One of the most endearing aspects of the art collection was the diversity of the culture it represented, like high porcelain collection of Great Chinese Dragons, the Buddha collection, dancers of Nile collection, of Egyptian matte finished sculptures. “It’s amazing to see how various cultures and traditions depict the same universal symbols, and that is the message we want to give through our art. We also innovate for utility, for example in Japan, the houses have very less space, so we especially created porcelain three-dimensional wall hanging.”

Lladro has also ventured into the home decor segment, where customised pieces are created to enhance the interiors.

 “We have ventured into this segment, we also provide lighting to enhance some of our special pieces which need a particular type of lighting for best display.”

As more customers queue up to get Rosa’s autograph, Rosa shares a little secret of her precious sculpted creations whose costs can easily touch a couple of millions, with illustrated celebrity collectors like Tiger Woods and King of Spain. “When we put the porcelain into fire, it’s unpredictable, we have no idea how it’s going to turn out, so every creation is magic.”

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