Most photographed celebrity dog dies

Lucky Diamond, a female Maltese dog, the current Guinness World Record holder for most photographed animal with celebrities, has died of cancer here.

"We are sad to announce that our beloved pet icon Lucky Diamond – the inspiration behind Animal Fair has passed away," her owner, Wendy Diamond said. In January this year, Lucky was diagnosed with spleen cancer, which is a potentially life-threatening and incurable disease. She was about 15 years old.

Lucky was inducted to Guinness Book of World Records as the most photographed dog with celebrities of all time. Over 300 world-renown A-list celebrities, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs of the 21st century have been photographed holding Lucky at charity related events.

The list of celebrities photographed with Lucky include: Bill Clinton, John Travolta, Kanye West, Barbara Walters, Sting, Hugh Hefner, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Sir Richard Branson.

"Lucky's life and her legacy of saving the underdog will be celebrated and her mission continued.  She made me realise how lucky I am no matter what transpired in my life," Diamond, who is an entrepreneur, TV personality and endangered animal and rescue advocate said.

"After witnessing Lucky's brave fight with canine cancer, I will increase awareness for animal cancer and help bring permanent homes to the 5 million animals that are still euthanised each year, in Lucky's honour," Daiamond said on the website of Animal Fair. 

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