Plotting from the sky

Wigs may fly off from the shelves to hide semi or complete bald pates.

Ever since planet Mars appeared  as a beauty spot on the visage of sun, I had decided to keep one  eye trained on the sky in order that  I do not to miss any such spectacle.

Thanks to  prior promotional  publicity that if you miss now you will have to wait for just 105 years to witness such a rare show, many had gotten behind long range visual aids to witness the show in the sky. Though things happen in the cosmos only  as pre-determined, it will be wise to keep an eye on the sky in case there is an unscheduled rarity like a ring round a planet due to cosmic dust or a comet shooting down.

 The sky now has more to offer. US tech giants Google and Apple are vying with each other to bring out  three dimensional serial maps plotted from the sky so detailed that if need be the spying instruments  buzzing overhead can even capture  a lady sunbathing in her backyard. Needless to say, this revelation will have a marked effect on select men and women who may not like to be caught when they are not in their best by the zooming camera from the sky.

Since hairstyle would be the first to attract from top angle, beauty aids like shampoos, after-shower gels, curlers and the like may register a sharp rise in sales. Wigs may fly off from the shelves to hide semi or complete bald pates. People out on the street would always  appear well-coiffured, for one will not know when they will be exposed to the overhead camera. That they will not have access to prints of such pictures will not bother most as happiness is experienced only when the cameras click – and  not when the developed pictures are seen.

The best smiles flashed before cameras are from the scamsters and sanyasis who are on the way to jail or on return after bail. They may now have to look up skywards as well to pose for the top angle. However, an ordinary citizen who would entertain a  desire to look at our President before she relinquishes her post may have to also look at the sky. If done, he may at least have a darshan of the  space through which her aircraft would shuttle from one continent to the other non-stop in India.

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