'Fame actually scares me'

'Fame actually scares me'

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'Fame actually scares me'

Model-turned-actress Tamanna Pasha may have been spotted at many social events in the City lately, but she is still focussed on making a mark in the Kannada film industry. Becoming an actor was not something she aspired to be — rather, it was something that happened accidentally. “I didn’t have a clue that I could act till I saw myself on the big screen. I have enjoyed the experience and the tremendous support the industry has given me,” she says.

She believes in choosing her scripts carefully and is not in a hurry to take up anything that comes her way. Tamanna is very clear that she wants to be known for her choice of roles and not the number of movies she does.

 She says, “Just doing any movie that comes my way to stay in the news is something I can never do.”

While she’s waiting for the right script to come her way, she’s also trying to figure out what the audience would like from her. When asked whether she was disappointed that her first movie, Swayamkrushi, did not make it big at the box office, she maintains that it was a good movie and the script was excellent.

“I don’t regret being a part of Swayamkrushi. If it were not for this movie, I would never have realised that I could even act,” she explains.

There are so many good actors and directors in the Kannada film industry and Tamanna says that she is looking forward to working with many of them.
This budding actress has been receiving a few offers from Tollywood and Kollywood
as well. Ask her if this is an avenue she would like to explore and she says, “I want to do good cinema. Those industries are hard to get into without a godfather. But then again, who knows — maybe one day!”

She describes herself as a patient person and believes that every actor is different and has his or her own style. She says, “I am patient, I have my head on my shoulders, and fame actually scares me!”

Interested in dance and martial arts, Tamanna has a zest for life and hopes that her fans will get to see more of her soon. Although her career is shaping up slowly, she says she has the tolerance to wait and is in no hurry.
“I never make plans for future, so all I hope is that the plan maker (God) has some interesting things in store for me,” she sums up.