Make your own pencil dolls

Don’t you love to have fancy pencils? All the better if they are the kind that no one else has in class! We’ll show you how to make plenty of special pencils.

You can use some in class and give away some as return gifts at your birthday party.

You will need:

•   Scraps of fur (You could get fur scraps from people who make soft toys. You could use velvet or denim from a dress that you no longer use too.)
•   Coloured glass eyes (check out your nearest ‘fancy’ store)
•   Small caps
•   Red velvet paper
•   Thread
•   Needle
•   Glue
•   Cardboard
•   A pencil
•   A pair of scissors


•   First draw a leaf-shaped diagram on the cardboard which roughly measures between one-and-a half to two inches with a flat base not exceeding two centimetres. Cut it neatly.
•   Place the cardboard on reverse of the fabric/ fur and trace the outline of the leaf. Cut the fabric or fur to shape.
•   Repeat the process on another leaf-shaped diagram.
•   Place the two layers of fur or fabric in such a way so that the right sides face each other.
•   With a double strand of thread sew on the wrong side from the tip of the leaf on either side, leaving the base open to turn your work inside out. Use the buttonhole stitch.
* Reverse the stitched leaf. Once the leaf is stitched, apply glue generously at the end of the pencil and insert the leaf into the pencil and allow the work to dry.
• Stick the eyes and the cap on the face, cut out a ‘smiley’ mouth from the red velvet paper and glue it on the face. You could try out variations by giving the ‘face’ a grin or a frown, or by making it wear different hats!

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