ZP recharges borewells scientifically

Positive initiative

Hassan Zilla Panchayat launched a project of scientifically re-supplying water to borewells on Friday at Bailahalli of taluk recently.

The project was customised for first time in field of Shivanna of Bailahalli on an experimental basis.
ZP president B R Satyanarayana said that 15 to 20 such borewells facility would be introduced within next six months.

The environmental imbalance caused due to overuse of borewell water could be maintained by the method.

Water extracted from underground should be restored, failure of which leads to environmental complications which are already being faced by us.

Ancestral methods included various approaches of the absorbant methods which are now followed by absorbant ditches. This re  supply method is scientific and cent per cent successful, he explained.

A borewell three meter broad, long and deep would be dug, placing a casing pipe below one foot from ground with 100 to 120 small holes and it would be rolled with mosquito nets.

The channels would first be filled with 40 mm gravel stones for a meter upon which a layer of 20 mm gravel stones with the topping by by sand at last.

Explaining the project he said, the water from surrounding fields  absorbed through these channels is filtered through stones, sand and net on reaching the borewell.  Water level definitely increases within end of a rainy season.

Water from surrounding five acres of  land would be directed to the borewell installed in Shivanna’s field. It is expected to re-supply the water into the borewell which is used in summer.

Elaborating on the cost of project CEO of ZP S T Anjankumar said each absorbant ditch would cost Rs 25,000 and ZP would install the borewells if farmers are interested in it. “It is planned to bring up ‘hydro fracturing’ technology in few parts.”

He said that the fluoride content prevailing in the water supplied around few parts of Arsikere would also be solved by this method. The project is not apt in urban areas where pollution is more.
Anjankumar clarified that the till now rain failure has caused no water problems in district.
If the situation continues, then problem might arise in few parts.

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