'Bangalore has a lot of places to have fun'

Last Updated 17 June 2012, 12:45 IST

It’s easy to assume Ruhama Amarathunga is an Indian. In fact, this petite Sri Lankan girl has encountered this question several times during her three-year stay in Bangalore.

 Ruhama, who is studying in T John College of Pharmacy, says that she has adjusted well to the City because it’s very similar to her home in Sri Lanka.

 “Initially, it was tough for me to adjust as I had to do all the chores on my own. But then as days passed, I learned to manage things. There is little difference in the culture of Bangalore and my country,” she says. “Most people here think I am from Kerala,” she adds.

Unlike other expats who have a tough time dealing with the spicy South Indian food, Ruhama is comfortable with whatever she gets

 “The food is similar to what we eat in Sri Lanka. I can easily have rice and spicy curry. Apart from that, I love naan, gobi manchurian and biryani. The food is good here,” she says.

She has also tasted the street food here. “Once I went out with my friends and we tried pani puri and I liked it. I  have also had pani puri  in restaurants,” says Ruhama.
She feels that the people here are warm.

“They have been extremely helpful. Unlike European countries — where people tend to
discriminate against us —  here everyone is accommodating. Also, the weather is just like that in Sri Lanka — not too harsh.

I have made friends from all parts of India,” she says.Calling herself an ‘average student’, Ruhama says that she was surprised when she scored good marks in  her

“I was hesitant to see my pharmacy results, but was surprised to know that I scored really well. That is the moment I cherish the most,” she laughs.

Ruhama likes the fact that Bangalore is well-connected to several tourist places.
“I have visited Nandi Hills several times and it’s one of my favourite places here and It’s close to the City,” says Ruhama.

She likes the fact that the City has a lot of hangout places, especially  malls.  “My friends and I visit Meenakshi Mall regularly, as it is close by. Also, there are malls everywhere — which I simply love. Apart from that, we hang out on Brigade and M G Road too. I make sure I visit the church in Cox Town. Bangalore has a lot of places to have fun.

Once, we had gone to a nearby place which had go-karting facilities. We enjoyed that a lot,” she recalls.

Ruhama is surprised by the number of foreigners in the City. “There are many foreigners here — more than any other city in India. And that includes many Sri Lankans too!” she exclaims.

However, Ruhama feels that the City has a few negative points too. She explains how she has faced many safety issues here. “My friends and I make sure that we reach our rooms by seven.

We had an issue of safety before — so, now we do not want to take any risk,” she explains.

She dislikes the traffic chaos too. “It is difficult to travel here. You end up spending half of your time on the roads,” she complains.

However, the people here  have helped her many a time. “We are exposed to different situations because of which we gain experience. I have also learnt to take the right decisions,” she informs.

Ruhama says that Bangalore has grown rapidly over the years. “When I came here, there were just a couple of apartments near our college. But now, there are several apartments and some malls also,” she observes.

Ruhama says that she will miss Bangalore once she flies back to her country. “I will miss spending time with my friends and my college. But I will make it a point to visit the City again,” she says.

(Published 17 June 2012, 12:45 IST)

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