Kids get bags from 'Aid Without Religion'

Kids get bags from 'Aid Without Religion'

The Aid Without Religion Trust distributed umbrellas and school bags to the needy children at Gandhi Nagar School in Mangalore on Tuesday.

The school bags were handed over to the children by eminent physician Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya in inspiration of his father the late Comrade B V Kakkilaya.

Addressing the students, Dr Kakkilaya recollected his period of study in the same school and said that he studied in a Kannada medium school up to 10th standard and that made him no inferior to others who had studied in the English medium. He also told the children that they should learn to question things before accepting them.

Narendra Nayak, the managing trustee of the Aid Without Religion Trust, told children that it is important to become good human beings.

The Block Education Officer Dayanad Pattali told the children that they should not forget the help done to them when they were in school and reciprocate with the same to the less privileged of the society when they grow up and become economically independent and strong.

Narendra Nayak told Deccan Herald that Aid Without Religion Trust was registered one year back on a astrological inauspicious day.

“We registered our trust during the ‘Rahu Kala’ of ‘Aati Amavasya’ Day, as we want to promote scientific temperament and remove the superstitious beliefs that prevail in the society. The trust is working well, especially with HIV positive children. It also helps individuals with social concern who are without religious and superstitious affiliations,” he said.