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Last Updated : 12 July 2012, 15:31 IST

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Bold, funky and abstract designs in jewellery are in this season. The chunky bracelets in bold colours, huge pendants and earrings in abstract shapes are being teamed up with A-line kurtis and jeans; short salwar suits and tees with pathani salwars and stoles and the difference this time is that not only youth but older women too are addicted to this new trend.

Welcome to this world of oversized, abstract and really colourful jewellery. Available now in every other market in Delhi, you can find all the women sporting at least one piece of such jewellery which is out to make a big statement. It could be an over-sized ring, elaborate jhumke or a huge necklace. It is bling being taken to the next level.

From Janpath to malls to online shops, it is available everywhere and everyone seems to carry it off too. Metrolife talked to a few people about this trend.

Surbhi Makin, a journalism student from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, loves this kind of jewellery. “People now­a­days like to give this hippy tinge to their overall look. So it works for them plus it’s pretty cheap and easily available so college girls love it,” she says.

Mallika Makhijani, a graduate from Delhi University, maintains a sizeable collection. “They are great if you wear them with something plain – maybe a plain white summer dress with chunky golden jewellery can really look awesome. But remember not to overdo it.

A chunky ring with chunky bracelet and add a chunky chain and you could be a walking disaster,” she laughs. “They are cheap, easily accessible and everyone goes for it. They really up your style quotient even when your wardrobe may otherwise be empty!” she adds.

Komal Khulbe, owner of Damsel Komal, says, “This trend has come back from the 80s when thick, chunky gemstones roughly cut were statement pieces. But these are best worn with casual clothing and not formal Indian attire because Indian apparel is very heavy most of the times.”

The jewellery is available online as well. “We are a little slow when it comes to catching up with a trend and most of these things that you find being sold over the internet is merchandise bought from China,” Komal says.

Is this jewellery likely to replace gold jewellery at any point? Upasna Gupta, owner Bijoux Esthetic Jewellery feels that the rising prices of gold and silver is one of the main reasons why this kind of jewellery is becoming popular. “The middle class can still afford this stuff plus this jewellery has a lot of options and is found in so many varieties like feathers, beads and semi-precious stones. Basically, this is different and assertive.”

Surbhi feels, “I don’t think Indian women can love anything over gold because gold defines class and most mature women feel it really matters.” Somya Jain, CEO of luxuryfacts.com, seconds Surbhi. “It is definitely not replacing gold but Indians are increasingly accepting this jewellery and are using it for contemporary events. Gold is now reserved for traditional occasions.”

The prices vary. While you can purchase a small neck piece or a wooden bangle in Sarojini Nagar for less than Rs. 50, online prices start with Rs. 100 onwards. If your taste is more formal, you like luxury and you can afford to go higher, there are many brands which are offering a rich variety in these accessories!

If you are looking for a casual fling with these ‘blingy’ accessories, don’t forget to check out Janpath where a comfortable range begins from Rs. 10.

Published 12 July 2012, 15:31 IST

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