Corruption alleged in Hassan KMF unit

Alleging irregularities, maladministration and corruption in Hassan unit of the KMF, Congress leader Seshegowda urged for immediate superseding of the same.

Speaking at a press meet here on Saturday, he said about 6.5 lakh litres of milk is collected in Hassan KMF everyday. Out of this, only 1.5 lakh litres are being packaged and sold. He demanded probe to check the difference in quantity of milk.

He alleged that the dairy farmers are not being paid their due since the past seven weeks. Due to this, they are suffering a loss of Rs eight crore.

Seshegowda also alleged that 20 officials, including 13 directors of the federation were going on a trip abroad.

He claimed the dictator-like attitude of president Revanna has resulted in such an unpleasant situation. Hundreds of employees have no eligibility. Those who have passed just SSLC have been given prime posts.

They have unnecessarily created 45 extension officers’ post just to please them and are being paid salaries, he alleged. There are more than 80 per cent such persons who do not have any eligibility other than being Revanna’s relatives, he criticised.

They are using the dairy as a platform for seeking votes. They visit villages and lure innocent people, promising them to open dairies there.

All the dairy contracts are being awarded to particular persons, Seshegowda said and demanded immediate probe into the matter. Shankaralingegowda, Javaregowda, Javarappa, Shivashankarappa and others were present.

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