Vittal-Salethur road a nightmare

Vittal-Salethur road a nightmare

Smooth ride is just a wish on Vittal-Salethur road.

The pothole filled road is in deplorable condition and ride is a nightmare for the students as well as the vehicle users.

The road, is in a dilapidated condition, with potholes virtually every few metres. Drivers manage to drive down the road with much difficulty.

The road is not motorable and is causing severe inconvenience to the public. They are not fit for motor vehicles, complain villagers.

The residents of the region say that the road has not seen asphaltation for the last one decade.

Though the government had released Rs 4.25 crore for the development of Salethur-Kadambu road, the PWD has not yet started the work, they alleged.

Vittal-Salethur road provides connectivity from Vittal to Kadambu, Salethur, Kukkaje, Manchi and B C Road, while it also connects Konaje, Deralakatte and Mangalore via Vittal-Salethur. As none of the potholes have been filled, the rain worsens the stretch. With potholes and stagnant rain water, motorists literally have to criss cross to commute.

Many a time, the vehicles splash mud water on the pedestrians, making it impossible for the students to go to school with the same uniform.

The dilapidated condition of the road has forced the commuters to take a long route via B C Road to reach their destination. The public say that though the work on the road was supposed to be completed last year itself, it has not been taken up yet.

Damaged bridge

A bridge constructed across a river at Kodangai near Vittal is in dilapidated condition and is facing the threat of collapse.

The narrow bridge does not allow two vehicles to move at a time. The residents have urged the authorities to repair the bridge.

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