Adroit display on stage

Coordinated Steps

The young and the old displayed their talents at the annual dance programme Nritya Maadhurya-2012, the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Shantala Arts Academy.

More than 120 students participated in the event, ranging from ages five to 25. The programme was divided into three parts and a total of ten items were presented as a part of it. As the five-year-olds opened the programme with a Ganesh Vandana, the audience applauded. The programme was performed by three groups of students, called Bala Vrunda, Mukula Vrunda and Parinita Vrunda.
“We have a dance festival every year and this is our 27th year. We have a wide range of dance recitals and children, from the age of five onwards, are performing at the programme,” said Pulikeshi Kasturi, the founder of the academy.

He added that like every year, the academy planned to honour one of their gurus, Usha Datar, through dance. “We are trying to present the three forms of bharata­natyam — Nritta, Nritya and Natya. We will also concentrate on the abhinaya aspect of bharatanatyam and I am confident that our students will do their best,” he said.

The programme kick-started with a performance by junior most group. They danced to Ganesh Vandana. The five-year-olds entered the stage dressed in bharatanatyam attire, each one coordinating her steps and hand movements with the rest of the group. 

The second group comprised teenagers and students who have learnt the dance form for a longer period of time. “This is one of the biggest festivals of the academy and I have been a part of the academy for a long time now. We put in a lot of effort to make the fest a success. It gives us exposure and is a great platform to showcase our talent,” said Sudha, a student.

Many parents, who had come to watch their children perform, were thrilled to see them on stage and could be seen cheering for them. 

“It’s really exciting to see my children perform at such a grand event. As parents, we too put in our best for the show and take time out for the rehearsal sessions. I make sure that I am present for all their performances every year,” said Swathi K, whose daughters was performing at the festival. The students made the programme a success and their hard work paid off. Not only was their coordination perfect, but the entire show was captivating.

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