Found unfit by military medical school, girl moves High Court

A Delhi girl has taken the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune to court for denying her admission on the basis of her medical condition and not providing any written document to this affect. 

The Delhi High Court has subsequently put stay on the matter and asked the college to keep a seat vacant till the next court hearing on August 8. Vidushi Gupta appeared in the All India exam 2012 and secured rank 30 in the waiting list. The college then called her and granted provisional admission, subject to her fulfilling the eligibility criteria, including the examination by the medical board. 

After the medical examination she was informed that she is not medically fit, although the report of the medical board was not given to her.

The gynaecologist verbally informed Vidushi that she was having a solid ovarian mass in the left ovary and, therefore, she was unfit and disqualified for admission to the MBBS course. 

Accusing the college of having a casual approach toward their concern, Vidush’s father, Vikas Gupta, a doctor himself, said, “They asked us to leave without satisfying our queries.” 

When they asked for the report, it was not given, no other written communication was also supplied, he said. 

According to college’s brochure and prospectus, mass in the ovary is not specified as a disqualification or any other kind of medical ailment for admission to MBBS.

“It is disturbing how a medical college is treating students entering into medical course.

They did not conduct further investigations even to establish the seriousness of the matter, if any,” said Vidushi’s counsel Ashok Agarwal.

Dr Pooja Thakral, gynaecologist, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences said, “You can’t establish anything on the basis of a legion found in the ultrasound. Without doing further tests, determining the size of the mass and corroborating with other symptoms, one will not know if it is a serious matter. They should have done more tests.”

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