Train engine from India completes journey to Nepal sans driver

In what may be a prefect scene for a horror movie, a train engine completed a 29-km journey from India to Nepal all alone without its driver.

The incident happened on the Janakpur-Jaynagar route - Nepal's only railway service - when a driver was putting oil and the engine began to move without bogies. The train was set to leave for Nepalese city Janakpur from Jaynagar in Bihar, said Saroj Kumar Hathi of Nepal's Loco Department.

It usually takes two-and-a-half hours for the train to cover the 29-km Janakpur-Jaynagar stretch, but the engine sans driver completed the distance in 45 minutes on Monday, leaving everyone who caught the sight amazed and frightened, the Himalayan Times reported.

Hathi said the auto-speeding train engine could not be stopped on the way due to lack of technicians and necessary equipment. "When it reached Janakpur, we diverted the engine to a damaged track where its wheels got stuck on the ground bringing the engine to a halt." Passengers who were set to board the train were stranded in Jaynagar station but were happy to have avoided a deadly ride, the report said.

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