Traffic snarls turn into nuisance

Traffic snarls turn into nuisance

Motorists, pedestrians suffer on Basattikoppal Main road in Hassan

Traffic snarls turn into nuisance

The district administration imposed one-way traffic on Shankar Mutt road and Sampige road much to the delight of residents.

However, Basattikoppal Main road near Nalkurate Bhavi is yet to wriggle out of traffic snarls.

On the stretch of the road from Slaters Hall on RC road to Nalkurate Bhavi, a temple was cleared recently to widen the road.

However, once the temple was cleared, no measures were taken to either widen the road or lay a footpath. Traffic snarls at Nalkurate Bhavi are turning into nightmares for motorists.

While traffic is quite heavy all through the day on this narrow stretch of the road, entry of heavy vehicles means traffic jam of at least 15 minutes.

Earlier, a lorry could be found plying once in a while on the road. But, now with the introduction of buses by KSRTC on the route, argument between motorists due to traffic jam is a common sight.

Even as motorists haggle with traffic, pedestrians aren’t left alone. Repair of footpath was taken up, but stalled midway. The stone slabs have been removed and the drain left open. Meanwhile, rainfall has added to the woes of the pedestrians.

Questions were raised in the city municipal council meeting recently as to why the drain was opened, but there were no answers.

People have to suffer until the CMC takes up the issue seriously.