Pottery for a cause

People for Animals (PFA), an organisation working for animals’ rights, is presenting an exhibition-cum-sale of ceramics platters made by India’s top studio potters.

Beginning August 17, the exhibition ‘The Platter Show’ is part of PFA’s annual fund raising and awareness for animal welfare through an exciting art form.

An exuberant and colourful collection of more than thousand hand-thrown and hand-painted ceramics made of the finest clays and glazes, using the latest techniques have been made by the artists from all over the country.

Innovation and experimentation is happening in studio pottery in India and will be reflected in the exhibition. From a humble, utilitarian craft, pottery has now graduated to being a thriving field of art led by ceramic artists and potters.

Each piece, which can takes months to make starting from the kneading of the clay to firing and glazing, is unique, impossible to replicate and a true work of art. They come both functional and beautiful with a dramatic and eye-catching display.

“The concept was chosen because platters are like an ‘anjali’ or two hands joined together in offering. They not only hold offerings in them but also let the offerings be visible; there is a transparency, unlike a bowl which hides more than it shows. This open offering is like an offering to the divine,” says Shilpa Chaudhary, who is managing the event.

Some of the potters who are participating in the exhibition are Anju Pawar, Indrani Singh Cassime, Jagruti Dutta, Abbas Galwani, Adil Writer, Aditi Saraogi, Tinni Arora, Usha Chadda, Vanmala Jain, Varsha Singh and Sandeep Manchekar.

“Every year we do something unique and India’s first. Last year we had sold 13000 limited edition of fine porcelain mugs with paintings of the best-known artists in the country. This year, we plan to have a sale of at least a thousand ceramic platters made by India’s top studio potters,” she says.

The exhibition will be held at The Lalit, Barakhamba Avenue, from August 17 to 19. Entry is free.

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