Infosys-Jack Palmer case hearing on Sept 17

Hearing of the Infosys whistleblower case filed by Jack Palmer in the US District Court of Montgomery, Alabama, has been postponed to September 17.

Reportedly, Judge Thompson said that he needed more time to resolve a pending summary judgement motion after the mediation between the two parties failed recently. The case was filed by Palmer last year alleging that Infosys had misused B-1 visas to bring Indian employees for onsite work and was to go on trial beginning August 20, 2012.

“While Infosys is eager to air the facts surrounding this case in court, we respect and appreciate Judge Thompson’s thorough review of our Motion for Summary Judgment,” an Infosys spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added, “Infosys filed the motion because we think the facts of this case are clear and there is no need for a trial.”

This apart, another ex-employee Satya Dev Tripuraneni has sued Infosys in the US District of California, alleging that the company retaliated after he reported misuse of B1-visas.

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