Amalgam of art forms

Amalgam of art forms

Amalgam of art forms

On the occasion of ‘Art Bengaluru 2012’, Sublime Galleria inaugurated its first exhibition of art inspired by jewellery. Titled ‘By the Lombok Moonlight’, it is the collaborated effort of jewellery designer Pallavi Foley and the avant garde digital artwork by acclaimed artist Vijit Pillai.

Uzma Irfan, the founder of Sublime Galleria, is the brain behind the fusion and it is the first time in the City that something like this has been tried out.

While Pallavi’s collection is inspired by history jewellery from Sumatra, Kalimatan and other parts of South East Asia, Pillai’s digital art primarily uses Buddha, Krishna and Ganesha as backdrops to add a twist to his creations.

“In each of my pieces there are various layers and textures added to a minimum of ten original photographs sent by Pallavi, which are printed onto canvas by a high-quality printer,” explains Pillai. “This is my own homemade recipe that I discovered by experimenting.

 My art is unpredictable, with inconclusive endings, leaving a lot to the viewer’s imagination,” adds the ‘new media’ artist.

Pallavi’s work uses a lot of silver, pearls, 18 karat gold, diamonds and rubies to give a rich and yet elegant touch. What she successfully did was to give a modern sensibility to traditional art forms.

“The work is extremely inspired. I like how Pallavi has incorporated a craft in the work and not made it look like the craft itself,” says Sonal Lenka, who was there to see Pallavi’s collection.

The jewellery designer took six months to complete the whole collection. She designed, got them made and kept in touch with Pillai over each set.

“The base of design is art and it’s wonderful how Pillai took inspiration from my sketches and took my jewellery forward,” says Pallavi.

“There are small details in my work but in jewellery, it has to be perfect. No texture can go undone,” says the young designer, content with the response she is receiving for the exhibition.

And she should be, considering the visitors to the exhibition are appreciating both the jewellery and the artwork for the finer details.

“The intricacies, detailing and three-dimensionality of the jewellery are reflected in the texture and finish of the artwork. At first glance, the art looks very crowded. When you look deeper, you understand that it is made that way to complement another art form,” says Indira Krishnamurthy, a visitor.The exhibition will be on at the Sublime Galleria, UB City till August 24 from 10 am - 8 pm.