QI have often noticed a yellow streak in the middle of my eyes. I’ve had liver and kidney checks, and they found no anomalies. An optician told me this symptom was common in people of Mediterranean descent and was due to fat storage in the eyes. I am not yellow anywhere else, nor do I have any other symptom. Any ideas as to what it may be?

AIt is difficult to offer an opinion without seeing your eyes, but this sounds to me as if it may be pinguecula, which is a change in the surface of the eye seen most often in people who live in hot climates or in some older people in more temperate climates. It is, as you say, a tiny deposit of fat on the eye surface but it is benign and nothing to worry about. I’m afraid you will probably have to live with it, but it won’t spread or cause any problem with your vision.

QI used to inflict self-harm on my arm and as a result I have quite a lot of scarring on my wrist. I haven’t self-harmed for the past five years, but find that the scars affect my confidence in the workplace. I am currently having therapy, and would like to know what my options are as to the best way to conceal my scars.

AThe choice would appear to be surgery or expert camouflage. The first would still not completely eliminate the fact that you have had scarring, but would make it much less obvious. A skin specialist would be the appropriate person to make the judgment on what approach is best for you. You could ask your doctor whether he or she could refer you.

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