Grooming for D-day

Grooming for D-day

Polishing Skills

Grooming for D-day

Swathi Patel in the cookery class.

With an intention to remain mentally and physically fit. And for that, they get trained in a variety of skills like cooking, dancing, gymming and even wearing a saree, among other things.

Often, many of them rush to cookery classes trying to master the art of preparing various dishes. Says Swathi Patel, “I have been learning not only how to cook but also how to cook delicious food, well and fast. In our community, it is very important to prepare not just the food which we have everyday, but also making sweets and laying out a feast during festivals. I have also been learning how to keep the house clean and how to maintain the household.”

Some try to take lessons in customs and traditions, if they are not accustomed to it. They feel it is  essential to know all these as that is what the in-laws expect, to conduct pujas on special occasions, for instance. Keerthi Deshpande says, “I am on a strict regular diet, I consume only fluids.This is to stay fit and maintain a toned body during the time of my wedding. I am also learning the language which my would-be husband and his parents speak so that I don’t have to face a problem later on. I will have regular facials as the wedding date nears. I hardly have any time as my wedding is in November but I am trying my best to do what I can in this short span,” she adds.

Enrolling in dance classes and in the gym are two other important things which the soon-to-be-brides have been doing. Dance classes help them dance gracefully and without any inhibitions during sangeet. And it is almost every girl’s dream to remain slim and trim and that is where the gym comes to their rescue. Working out tops their list of ‘must do things’. 

Sanjoly Matanhelia says, “I have been going for cookery classes, dance classes and to the gym as well. While cookery classes teaches me culinary skills, dancing and gymming help me tone my body. Moreover, I enjoy dancing and it is going to help me during my wedding.”

Shopping is another favourite ritual and a necessary thing for young brides. They try to keep their wardrobe stocked with the latest fashionable wear. Bharthi Patel has been learning how to drape a sari. “I have already learnt how to cook and can do it very well now without having to face much problems. A lot of preparation goes in before a girl gets married. At the same time she tries to be gentle and quick on her feet,” she says.