A practical session for future managers

The students of PES Institute of Technology attended a lecture series by industry pioneers recently .

PES Institute of Technology, South Campus invited the pioneers of the industry to give a series of lecture to the students of management to increase their know-how about the industry as part of the clean slate lecture series. 

The students were allowed to interact and learn from the lectures.It was a learning experience for the future managers.“This lecture series happens every week and it helps the students to clear their doubts and get a better understanding of the profession that they are going to have in the future. We invite eminent people from the industry so that they can guide and enlighten the students. 

It turns out to be pretty helpful as students know about the practical aspects of the profession as well,” said professor Vijayshree.Praveen K Kamath, the global head of talent acquisition of a leading IT company, was invited for the lecture this time. 

He spoke about the need for the employees to be flexible in different kinds of cultures and work environments. “Hard work reflects smartness in a person and people should be ready to fit in, in all kinds of work atmosphere. The current requirement of the industry is to have people who are specialists but can also emerge as generalists if there is a need,” he said.

“This initiative would help in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship among us. Since we get to learn things from professionals who are in the field, we learn how to handle difficult situations. This helps in understanding the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and innovation, which is the need  of the hour,” said Vidya, a student.

The students could be seen interacting and asking different types of questions to the guest lecturer. “It is really helpful as we can ask the lecturer whatever we want to. It helps us in increasing our knowledge about what we are going to do in the future. It is definitely much better than getting theoretical knowledge about our prospective future. In short, it makes a lot of sense,” she added.The lecture series provides a platform for the students to raise their questions and learn from the experience of corporate honchos. “Many corporate bigwigs come for the lecture and it is a learning experience. We learn so many things from the way they address us, the way they handle our questions etc. It is also a welcome break from the theories,” explained Pratiek, a student. 

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