Seven ways to burn it off!

Seven ways to burn it off!

Seven ways to burn it off!

Despite what you’ve heard, effective ways to lose fat do exist, I assure you. You might wonder if it includes training or nutrition? It’s never a choice but always both.

But which is more important? One to two hours of powerful training versus 22-23 hours of nutritional support along with rest and recovery.

It’s a tough call. Both are strong sides indispensable for shaping body composition.
So, whether you’ve just started losing weight (the main aim however is fat loss), or you’ve hit a plateau after going strong for a few weeks, here you will find below the seven most safe, effective ways to lose fat.

No.1 —  Strength training: Muscle breakdown brought about during a weight training session stimulates a great deal of muscle repair, elevating metabolism for 24-48 hours. This process powerfully increases fat-burn while engaging in daily activities known as the ‘after-burn’ effect.

No. 2 — Cardio: It helps burn fat during exercise and elevates metabolism, burning fat at a faster rate for about 45 minutes post exercise

No. 3 — Enough rest: After a good workout, your muscles need time to recover. Depending on the severity of soreness, you must leave that particular muscle group out of training for 1-3 days.

No. 4 — Don’t skip protein: This macronutrient is severely required by the body, especially during the process of digestion and aids in burning more calories. This is known as thermo genesis. Not only does protein make you feel fuller, it also repairs the muscles after your workouts and contributes to the beauty of your skin, nails and hair.

No. 5 — Fibre up: Fibrous vegetables have very high thermogenic value due to the intensive process the body goes through in an attempt to digest it. Fibre is essential for fat loss, as your digestive system will run smoothly, your body will be able to naturally detox, your metabolism will shoot up.

No. 6 — Burn fat with Omega 3: These fatty acids from fish oil or flaxseed are invaluable to our metabolism and actually increase the rate of fat burning.

No. 7 — Water: Remember, a dehydrated body is always a body working overtime. A well-hydrated body always augments metabolism that is a major component for fat loss. So keep drinking water at regular intervals, as thirst is a very late indicator of dehydration.

To sum it up, all you need is consistency to make these seven wonders effectively work.

MD and CEO, Talwalker