No recession effect on celebrations

No recession effect  on celebrations

The rush to procure sweets resulted in a shortage in some parts.
Ayudha Puja is celebrated to worship the implements used in one’s livelihood. Legend has it that after the slaying of Mahishasura and other demons by Chamundeswari, there was no more use for her weapons. So the weapons were kept aside and worshipped.

 Homemaker Saraswathi Kumar said, “Ayudha puja is an auspicious occasion. Once a year, we have to honour and respect the tools and equipment which play a major role in our living. The prices of flowers, banana trunks, vegetables, fruits and other essential items are costly around this time of the year.”

The price of sugar was something which really worried her family. “We have cut down on sweets,” she added.

The rush to buy sweets from Nandini outlets resulted in them running out of stock at some places. Despite the increase in price of the delicacies, the desire to opt for sweets has not dipped.

Dr M N Venkataramu, Managing Director, Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) said, “Each year there is a substantial increase in the procurement, production and sales of KMF products. There can be no short supply as enough orders were undertaken in view of the festivals. We have also catered to the massive orders of BHEL, HAL and other Public Sector Undertakings”.

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