Opulence in fragrant beeswax

Opulence in fragrant beeswax

Opulence in fragrant beeswax

A few months back, Sumedha Dutta, a lawyer by profession, decided to gift a candle to her friend on the latter’s birthday. Subsequently she asked her friend Diya Dasgupta, a graphic designer to make some.

Diya had never made a candle before but her creative streak and love for art resulted in such a beautiful pair of candles that on seeing the final product, Sumedha changed her mind and kept them with her. Sum­e­dha still adores the candles and has them placed as a centre piece in her house.

The trend of making and buying handcrafted candles is becoming a craze in plush homes. Those who keep a look out for useful gifting options are extremely passionate about handcrafted candles.

Sumedha says, “I am fond of candles. I possess a collection of them and often gift them to friends and family on birthdays or anniversaries.” She has a number of hand-painted candles but her favourite one is “the candle which has quintessential Indian motifs and embellishments,” she says.

Candles like these for sure form a wonderful gift as they are very Indian but also become the centre of attraction in houses. Says Diya, “The idea of a candle market is catching up now since it caters to the aesthetic sensibility as well as the luxury aspect.”
Diya likes to bring decorative embossing work on candles and also encrusts a lot of jewels on her candles.

“My kundan work candles are loved a lot among clients as they add a royal Indian touch to a normal candle.” But she still maintains that this is an extension of her illustration work.

However, her buyers are from all walks of life. Sakshi, an assistant professor in Delhi University has been fond of candles since her schooling days. “In school I used to buy candles whenever I could, because they look just so lovely. I used to take them when celebrating friends’ birthdays as well. It looks so serene if a handcrafted candle is burnt while you are cutting your birthday cake.

Renowned actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has recently started making candles and introduced candle therapy in India. Suchitra says, “Candle making started as a hobby but my finished candles were liked so much by friends I was encouraged to go to France and learn the art in its pure form. People make candles for different reasons but I make them for healing purposes.”

In The Candlelight Company, Suchitra uses essential oils and combines them with beeswax to produce an effect of aromatherapy through candles. Do these work? “Yes,” she says, “there are a number of discerning people in India who buy these candles because of positive effects on their health.”

However, for a good product, the price is also high. Sumedha informs, “The price of a handcrafted candle may start from Rs 1,500 and go upto 2,500.” But those with therapeutic effects may be on a much higher scale. Suchitra says, “Very few people know that there are oils which can cure insomnia as well but since it is available at Rs 70,000 a litre so the cost of the candle also goes up.”